Chocolate - Marzipan - Pralinen

The Schluckwerder group of companies is one of the world largest speciality factory for marzipan products.
In addition to our wide range of marzipan products we offer an assortment of pralines and chocolate specialities, like Hazelnut Crocantballs, Coconut-minis with chocolate, Wafer thins, Jamaica-rum balls, etc.
Marzipan is a natural product of almonds and sugar (also known as almond-paste) which combined with chocolate is a delicious sweet.
Being specialised for seasonal products we offer for

Marzipan-loaf covered with chocolate, chocolate rings, marzipan fruits shaped products

Fine truffle eggs, filled marzipan-eggs with delicious fruits fillings and covered with choc  

and many more products which we invite you to take a detailed look at, on the following pages.
If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us.